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Twelve Sinhalese and Tamil members gathered together on the Poson full moon poya day, 2473 AD or 16th June 1929. They formed the Negombo Buddhist Moral Development Society at Sri Dhammananda Awasa on Chillaw Road, Negombo. . The lofty goals of our society, which we have been working towards progressing day by day till now, are as follows.

  1. Development of culture and morality.
  2. Establishment and control of schools.
  3. Development of education.
  4. Propagation of Buddha Dharma.
  5. Creating harmony among certain people.
  6. Upliftment of physical, mental, social and economic conditions among the members.


Welcome to Negombo Buddhist Center

"Dhamman Sucharithan Chare" - "ධම්මං සුචරිතං චරේ"

Negombo Buddhist Center

The Negombo Buddhist Moral Development Society is the leading organization that takes the initiative for Buddhist affairs in the region. It is our good fortune that we have been able to perform excellent service for the people of Negombo for a period of almost 100 years from 1929 till now.

It is our hope to build a moral society from that day to this day and for the next generation. For almost 100 years, we pledged ourselves for it. We dedicated ourselves to regional as well as national interests. We will continue to be.

Through the Negombo Sadacharawardana Dhamma School and Siri Sidhuhath Pre-school, we have laid the basic foundation of bringing children to the right path from an early age and creating a moral society.

May we be able to serve you for a long time.

Recent History